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Infinity 5010W Xstim


Control/Button Description

Blinks when the phone is ringing.

Configurable line keys with labels displayed on the LCD screen.

Context sensitive keys with labels displayed on the LCD screen.
• MSB (Make Set Busy) – Do Not Disturb feature
• Forward – Press to set up a call forward on your device
• Redial – Call the last numbered dialed on your handset
• Hotdesk – This feature is only enabled on some systems. To learn more about Hotdesking, click the link at the bottom of this guide or contact us for more information

To disconnect/cancel a call or cancel menu navigation.

Menu navigation (up/down/left/right) and OK key to select.

Press the OK (check mark) key when the phone is idle to access User Settings.

New message indicator, press to access voicemail box.

Headset mode toggle (applicable only if a headset is present).

Mute/unmute toggle

Speaker/handset mode toggle.

Standard telephone keypad.

Call volume increase/decrease

To access the call logs for Received, Placed and Missed calls.

Call Transfer.

Single press to Hold/Resume a call. Double press while idle to access the ‘Admin’ Menu.

Common Phone Features

Adjust Ringer Type/Volume and Call Volume:

  • To change the ring volume, press the User Settings key and invoke Ring Volume (scroll down to the bottom of the Services menu). Use the Up/Down soft keys to change the volume level and press the Enter soft key to select and save.
  • During an active call, press the Volume Up/Down keys to change the call volume.
  • To change the ring pattern, press the User Settings key and invoke Ring type. Use the Up/Down soft keys to hear the different ring types and press the Enter soft key to select and save.

Call Transfer:

  • Press the Transfer key and dial the number or extension.
    o Press Transfer again to complete the transfer or press the Cancel soft key to return to the call.
  • To transfer to voicemail, press the TransToVM line key, if programmed, followed by the mailbox number.

Call Conference:

  • While on a call, press the Conference key and dial to make a new call, press Conference to add the new party to the conference.
  • While on an active call, make or receive a second call by pressing the second DN line key, the first call will be placed on hold. Press the corresponding DN line key to toggle between calls.
    o To join all parties into a conference, press the Conference key followed by the Join soft key, then the DN line key on hold.

Setup Speed Dial:

  • To setup new speed dials use the following process:
    o Dial *75 to enter the speed dial menu
    o Enter the Speed Dial Location and press the # sign (2 digit number to assign the speed dial to)
    o Enter the number to assign to this new location and press the # sign
    o For Example – To setup a speed dial for 1-800-392-0692 using ‘location’ 22 you would press:
  •  *75 22# 18003920692#
  •  To use speed dials setup with the above process dial *0 followed by the ‘Speed Dial Location’
    o For Example – To call the speed dial that was setup in the previous example you would press:
  •  *0 22

Call Forwarding:

  • Press the Forward soft key followed by a target number (with dialing prefixes), and press Forward again to activate.
  • Press NoForwd soft key to deactivate.
  • To call forward to voicemail, press the User Settings key and invoke Forward to Voicemail.

Call History Options:

  •  Press Redial soft key to call the last dialed number.
  • Press the Call History button, use Recvd/Placed/Missed soft key to toggle through call types. Use Up/Down navigation keys to view entries. Press Call soft key to call the selected entry.


  • The message key and the phone LED is lit when there is a new message waiting. Press the Message button to retrieve your messages and enter your mailbox password when prompted.
    o The default voicemail password is 4455.
  • To change your Voicemail Password press the Message button, enter your current password, press 0, then press 5
  •  To listen to your voicemail(s), press the Message button, input your password, and then press 1
    o To replay the message press 5
    o To delete/restore a message press 7
    o To save a message press 9
    o To forward a message to another mailbox/extension press 8
    o To move to the previous message press 4/To move to the next message press 6
  • To change your Unavailable voicemail greeting, press the Message button, input your password, press 0, and then press 1
    o To change your Busy greeting press 2 (this will default to your unavailable greeting if not setup)
    o To change your Name greeting press 3
    o To change your Temp/Vacation greeting press 4