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Running your own creative media business is the most exciting but overwhelming experience. Most creatives spend each waking day managing the upward growth of their business and have to make sure their media production supports their growth vision. At one point, you will notice that you need a project manager or team to make surer nothing slips through the cracks and cause the eventual downfall of your entire business.

Organizations must make sure they work with an efficient team to manage and perform all their tasks to perfection. You need intelligent software and a team to put the big picture into perspective and create objective solutions to reach your goals. How does one do this despite the thousands of tools in the market?

Choosing a project management tool
Team leaders will often settle for the most popular tool and fail to research whether it is an excellent fit for their business. The best one will have all the right features to support your content while ensuring easy user-friendliness. We are ready to walk you through the fundamentals of Shotgrid and how it is the best one for your business.

What is shotgrid?

Shotgrid is a project management tool that is common for creative content like videos and TV shows. The software helps projects of all sizes with features that support better workflow, tracking milestones, importing and exporting tasks, and collaborating with complementary tools. Let us take a look at how it benefits your creative project.

Reasons we use Shotgrid for project management

Cloud content

Shotgrid is a web-based software with a design that allows you to store data in cloud systems. We notice it is a better option because it saves you from excess installation fees, massive licensing prices, and the pain of trying to upgrade it to the newest version without losing your work.

Flexible project management

How agile is the software when handling different projects? We only with tools that have more than one working methodology and can do things the right way no matter the style of the project. This means the platform will handle your project whether you are a small business or suddenly gain popularity and produce TV shows and rich video content.


The truth is that there are people who use unpopular or old browsers because it serves the purpose of their project. It would help if you had a project management tool that will be great on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. We do not have moments of panic or scrambling when scheduling, filing, and filling in content because Shotgrid works and looks the same on many different platforms and devices.

Sufficient controls

Can you get out the same content or information? It is best to make sure the project management tool looks good on paper, has a smooth workflow, and puts things like finances and job files into perspective.

We understand that most businesses need a little more convincing to switch or get on to our project management options. Contact us online today so we can help you choose the suitable packages and systems for your project management needs.


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