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IT company near me

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IT company near me

Remote IT support was important before Covid and is more critical now to allow smooth workflows. Millions of companies realized that they never actually need to pay for rent and transport allowance because staff can work from home and still produce the same quality of work. Remote tech support services make these all possible by allowing the fast transition of data and services while protecting against all kinds of online threats. Our firm has worked for many years to now the process of trimming out the fat in regards to IT support services, so we have a good idea of what to offer clients.

An overview of our Edmonton IT solutions


Tech support services have different pricing models, so you should know which one will fit your budget. We have several IT services to cover all kinds of IT complications, such as one-time fixes for one-time problems and projects. The monthly subscriptions are excellent for businesses that need continuous IT support and only want to pay one monthly fee for all kinds of maintenance, analysis, and upgrade projects. The annual subscription is better for the more significant IT projects, such as a massive server and cloud upgrade that only happens once a year.

Lengthy experience

Edmonton IT services continue evolving, and most of what we learn in school or courses will be absolute without additional training or experience. Our background includes a rich balance of all kinds of IT skills, which all come together to fit all the IT needs of any company. The combination of our tech services and experiences offers our clients a sense of comfort, which also gives a stellar industry reputation of offering reliable and solid support on simple, complicated, and advanced IT issues.

Passion for technology

Which devices are available in your office? Can your top IT consultants work around all of them and offer help with each technical issue?

Tech can go through inexplicable breaks downs, and the only way to get them back up fats is to hire tech support that knows its technology. We invest in better tech to support your IT needs, including better cloud data, routers, mobile support, and software. Our passion for tech support means we also have the discipline and attention to detail you need for better tech, so you can sleep and breathe easy knowing your entire IT network is in safe hands.

A variety of tech services

What kinds of tech services can you get from an IT company near me? Individual businesses carry a great variety of tech, and it helps to have a support team that is clear on all the services they offer. Examples of available tech services by Inner Works IT company in Edmonton include:

  • In-depth diagnostics to resolve standard software and hardware issues
  • Virus and malware solutions
  • Data recovery
  • Cloud backup services
  • Custom IT plans to match your network infrastructure and software

The best software companies in Edmonton have a free consultation service, so you can get a rough idea of what will work best. Check out the detailed descriptions online and contact us at 1.800.392.0692 for more information.

Innerworks Computer Services IT company near me

11630 Kingsway Northwest

Edmonton AB T5G 0X5 CA

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